Drop Foot Braces
 & Shoeless Drop Foot Braces
by Freedom Walk
May Change Your Life Forever!

may change your life forever

Drop Foot Braces by Freedom Walk are reasonably priced at $39.95 each and Refundable up to 30 days or so, with Free Domestic Shipping. International orders must pay USPS First Class Package International Rates, less a $2 Discount or a free Rivet Kit. Domestic Priority Mail is available for an additional $4. The brace fits either Right or Left foot and comes in two sizes: Standard and small Child. The Standard size fits around a womens 1 up to a mens 16+. Customer is required to pay return postage to return the brace for a full refund. Parts are guaranteed for 90 days.International Shipping varies between $10-$15 (less discount or free rivet kit). Since it is fully refundable, why not give it a try! (Shipping Rates are subject to change and current USPS rates apply.)
See Pictures & Descriptions below & on Pictures Page

Rivet Kit is $3.95 (New Reduced Price) with brace order or $5.95 ordered separately and includes Free Shipping. The Rivet Kit is also refundable so long as it is unused. The RK is very helpful with sandals or to increase the types of shoes you can use with the Freedom Walk Drop Foot Brace. See Pictures & Descriptions below & on Pictures Page

Bare Foot Strap* - BFS ('Shoeless Drop Foot Brace' accessory) is $24.95 with Free domestic Shipping. Have the Freedom of Walking and feeling the grass or sand beneath your feet. The BFS is custom made to size and it can take around 3-5 days to make.  It requires right or left specific and measurement of diameter of foot at the base of the toes - see picture on Picture Page for measurement placement. I do advise one to make sure the brace works prior to ordering a BFS since it is *Non-Refundable, whereas, the brace is refundable. This is because the BFS is a custom to fit made device.
See Pictures & Descriptions below & on Pictures Page

If you are looking for a good drop foot brace alternative foot support to the stiff plastic AFO type brace, the Freedom Walk Brace is small, lightweight, and comfortable. It is a spring supported drop drop foot brace that is inconspicuous, adjustable and very durable. It can be worn in any terrain and is waterproof. Works with virtually all types of foot ware - it works best with shoes with eye holes, but it is not necessary, especially with a Rivet Kit. BEST OF ALL, the Freedom Walk brace is super easy to attach and detach. Simply put the brace around your ankle and hook the tension springs to your shoe's eye holes or other appropriate area and you're off and walking free. Adjust tension by hooking to various eye holes. Best of all the Freedom Walk brace provides support only where it is needed, allowing for full ankle joint mobility in all directions, especially side to side for getting in and out of tight places like your car. You no longer have to confine yourself to the restrictions of the old fashioned style plastic AFO's. The brace is made various brass and nickle plated metal components and springs along with neoprene and Toughtek PE+ neoprene. All devices are personally hand crafted and tested.

The Rivet Kit provides enough for two shoe attachments. The rivet kit is especially useful with sandals or shoes without eye holes, but it certainly is not mandatory. A small punched hole near the area that eye holes would be or an appropriate spot on a sandal strap will work just fine as well.

The Bare-Foot Strap is made of the same materials as the braces plus the addition of some glues. It slips around your foot at the base of the toes and allows the brace to be attached leaving 80% of the foot exposed to the grass or sand, etc. If you have not felt grass or sand under your feet in years, this is for you.

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