Drop Foot Braces
 & Shoeless Drop Foot Braces
by Freedom Walk
May Change Your Life Forever!

may change your life forever
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Drop Foot Braces
by Freedom Walk™, and the 'Shoeless Drop Foot Brace' accessory. See the 'Brace Prices & Details' & 'Pictures'pages for Prices and more Details.  This Heavy Duty drop foot brace is one of the most Durable and Comfortable drop foot braces you will find despite the cause of your Drop Foot or the degree.  This Quick and Easy attaching drop foot brace will improve steppage gait and replaces stiff plastic type AFO orthotic braces.  The foot drop braces provide dorsiflexion support (holds the toes up) yet allows for side to side lateral movement and exercise of the foot which will allow muscles to move and strengthen over time. Best of all, it makes it easier to get in and out of tight places like a car. The foot drop brace is so simple yet so effective and you can wear the braces every day for any and every occasion whether it is to the gym or out on the town or hiking in the mountains through brush, rocks, and creeks or walking and climbing along a rocky shoreline in and out of the water or even snow; and

The Bare Foot Strap - BFS or 'Shoeless' Drop Foot Brace Accessory completes the perfect summer or warm weather drop foot walking brace without the need for shoes. That's right, when combined as an accessory with the Freedom Walk Drop Foot Brace, it essentially becomes a 'Shoeless drop foot brace'; and the Rivet Kit (New Reduced Price) allows you many more options with the types of shoes you can use with the foot drop brace or simply to make attaching the walking brace easier. It is very helpful with sandals and other shoes without eye holes. It is not required but it is very helpful. Please check out the Brace Prices & Details, Pictures and Videos pages for further information regarding all of these drop foot products.

I am the creator of these drop foot brace devises and I am a user as well with drop foot in both feet. I understand, at least in part, what you are going through and have to live with. I have personally hand crafted and tested each device and I truly hope that they will help you as much as they have helped me.
The braces have truly changed my life forever!

Creator's Inspiration & Bio:  My name is Chris Johnson and around the turn of the century, while planning our vacation to Hawaii, I was determined not to wear those miserably hot and uncomfortable stiff plastic AFO orthotic braces on a beach. After several years and many prototypes, I finally came up with something that changed my life forever. The braces worked so well for me that I threw my plastic AFO's away for good. In the early 1980's I broke my back in a fall and had a spinal cord injury which left me partially paralyzed.  Fortunately I can still walk with the aid of a cane, walking sticks, or walker now that I'm getting up in age.  It all depends on the situation in which I'm walking. But I have 100% paralysis in my left foot and about 75% in my right and the braces provide me with plenty of support and although it is not quit as much as the stiff plastic AFO's, it is enough and it is so much more comfortable and easier to use.

Makana Mountain and Tunnels Beach Inspired me to create the Freedom Walk Brace, Rivet Kit, and Bare Foot Strap

Bare-Foot Strap.JPG  This is an old photo of an earlier Bare Foot
Strap that is on the internet but it does not link back to me.
Someone else has copied the picture and is using it, but it is mine.
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